Overnight Boarding and Dog Daycare Services


Canine Command Center offers doggy day care, boarding, training and basic grooming to dog owners in the Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. We offer doggy parents a convenient location with customized and personal “all day” services. Canine Command Center’s services and personnel are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality customer care and satisfaction.

Overnight Boarding – $35
We always want our guests to feel safe and comfortable, whether they are out in the play yards or in for the night. All of our guests sleep in climate controlled, comfortable areas with soft clean bedding. After a day of playing, your pooch will sleep well. Best 
of all, your dog won’t mind your vacations anymore!

Doggy Daycare – $18 per day; $108 with a training lesson
Instead of spending long, lonely hours in an empty house while the family is at work 
or school, your dog can exercise, socialize, and have fun in a safe, supervised environment. Our unique facility is open seven days a week and has a superior staff-to-dog ratio to ensure safe play at all times. By providing clean, secure, comfy surroundings for your pet during the day, we give you peace of mind knowing your pups are receiving the special care they deserve.

Professional Grooming
Nail trim - $20

Bath and brush with nail trim - $25 to $50 depending on dog breed. Please inquire for a quote.